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Minspiration Introduction

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Hello everyone, I know there are a lot of inspiration based websites out there and it will be hard to compete with them. But I feel I can do something different down the road and hopefully make this site big. I have some great ideas for Minspiration that I am planning to implement in the near future. My goal with Minspiration is to showcase awesome designs, articles, and hopefully interviews from known and upcoming designers.

About the man behind this website my names Imad Khan and this is a personal project of mine. I am freelance Front-End Web developer/programmer. Minspiration is a project I have wanted to do for a long time but due to a heavy work load (which I am thankful for) I wasn’t able to get to it. But my schedule freed up for this month and I just powered through.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you will be here for the future of Minspiration


Minspiration is an online platform to share creations no matter the medium, and to also become inspired by art published by other artists. Easily browse, explore, and comment upon art carefully separated into different categories.

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